Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Neighbors

We have some really great neighbors.  I've talked about them on my blog before.  Here, where Joanna and the boys came over for our Christmas gathering and she took the pictures that were inside our Christmas cards...the very few Christmas cards that we sent out this year. Then Here, where I start back blogging and introduce her blog.  You can read the story HERE from my neighbors blog, on how we met.  One of the best things about where we live now is our neighbors.  We get the chance to babysit our neighbors sometimes and I wanted to share a few pictures from the last time we kept Jedidiah and Matheson.

 My girls are mesmerized by these boys.  We say we are finished having kids. We dream of adopting older children one day.  A small...and I mean very small, part of me, looks at these pictures and would like to have a little boy.  I've always said that I would love a house full of girls.  Even if we adopt, we talk about adopting girls.  Nothing against boys, honestly I always thought I would have a boy first.  I always thought that if you have a boy first you get the protective older brother to watch out after the other siblings.  Then I thought I would love to have a house full of all boys or all girls.  It just so happens that I had the girl first so that's where I say I want a house full of girls.  I do realize the teenage years will be hard. Anyways, sometimes I wonder if I'll miss out on all the baseball games, football games.... building forts in the woods, playing cowboys and Indians...  Who knows what God has in store for our family. I'm not writing anything off...even though I'm pretty sure I don't miss those sleepless nights with a newborn.    :)

Jedidiah (sometimes called Jed), Journey, Matheson, and December.
 Side story: JoAnna went into labor early with Matheson and her mother-in-law wasn't in town yet to help with Jedidiah so we got the privilege of watching Jedidiah for the night.  :)

This one is my favorite picture.  Jedidiah is trying to figure out what is going on. Journey is cheesing it up! Matheson is wondering when this mini photo shoot will be over and Deci is trying to keep Matheson from falling over. :)
 In Alabama we had neighbors.  We actually lived beside Q's dad's (and his wife, Hilde) house and on his 13 acres.  So we could see houses around and maybe knew the people that lived in them, but we really could hide away if we wanted.  The joys of living in the country.  Here we are just a few feet away from our neighbors.  It's been a lot of fun getting to know all of our neighbors.  When my mom was in town we got to go out with JoAnna, Isiah and our neighbors across the street.  We have plans to have a block party this summer in our neighborhood.  I never knew living in a neighborhood like this could be so much fun.

Ok, this is getting long and I'm rambling...I usually try and post at night (or during Journey's nap time) while the kids are asleep so I can focus. Right now the kids are running around screaming... The  good mom in me needs to get off here and spend time with them.  I'm not sure if this post even makes sense but I'm WAY behind on blogging and really wanted to post these cute pictures.  SOOO...if the words don't make sense, just look at the pictures. :)  Off to play with the kids! AND MAKE COFFEE! How did I write this post without it?? That could be the problem!

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crazyjojames said...

Thank you for the sweet post. I love the pictures!!! What good memories for the children. Also, Matheson looks very concerned in these pictures! I also relate to trying to blog with Children in the house. The way this was written and the way it ended made me laugh!