Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This was our first Christmas in Oregon.  Our first Christmas away from home...or what has been home for me for the past 29 years. Yesterday was the first morning since I've been alive that I didn't spend at my grandparents house.  It was hard being away from family but I really have enjoyed making new traditions with my girls.  We started the day off opening presents:

 We don't usually get them a lot.  This year all Deci asked for was a Hula-hoop or a"hoopdeloop" as Deci calls it and a locket. She said she wanted one because of the movies Annie and Pippi Longstocking.  I don't think she realizes that the reason they have a locket is because they are have lost one or both family members  (Does Pippi Longstocking even have a locket?? I can't remember but Deci thinks she does.)

At 12 we had our Crash team over to eat lunch. Here's a picture of Deci, Derrick, and his friends Tonya and Maribel.

 This poor girl got an eye sty.
 If you like looking at gross stuff just Google: Eye Sty and look at pictures. I wanted to make sure it was an sty and not something else. I about lost my lunch.

Our neighbor (also photographer) JoAnna came by with her two sons. Her husband had to work.  She grew up in Florida and doesn't have family in town either.
 We played dirty Santa.

 Below, our newest Crash member Zach and Luis. Zach moved up here from Alabama a few weeks ago.
 Later in the afternoon, Q had to go into work for a few hours to help with giving gifts out to the guys there. Over all it was a very relaxing day. Q shared more about our feelings about being away from family at Christmas and you can check that out by clicking HERE.

Here are a few pictures our neighbor JoAnna took for our Christmas card. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Lisa writes... said...

Look at your sweet family! Merry (belated) Christmas!

Audrey said...

Thanks, Lisa! I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas also! :)