Monday, February 13, 2012

Guest Post: My missionary friend Breanna

Meet Breanna
If you don't know already, Breanna is from Alabama and moved out to Oregon 6 months ago to help with the Crash team.  She actually lives with us and helps keeps me sane by watching the girls so that Q and I can go out of dates! :)  She is a missionary.  She has been to Mexico 6...or so times.  You can read more about that on her blog. I'm excited about being able to help Breanna out by sharing her story below about her upcoming mission trip.

Hi friends of Q&A! Thank you, Audrey for letting me guest blog today! I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Did you know that only about 2.3% of the Indian population claim to be Christian? Out of an estimated population of 1,189,172,906 only 2.3% claim to be Christians. That equals about 27,350,977 people. If you subtract that amount from the population you get 1,161,821,929 people that will die and spend an eternity in hell without ever trusting in Jesus as their Savior. When you live in an area where 2.4 million people are living with HIV/AIDS finding hope in the Lord is something that can carry them throughout all of the hardships of living life with the fatal disease.
I will be traveling with TREC, International in January 2013 to India. During our trip, we will be hiking A LOT, stopping at orphanages to work with the orphans, painting/decorating classrooms, training teachers and sharing the Gospel with a community of people desperate for hope. This will be my first ever (of many to come) over seas mission trip.
Now comes the awkward part. I always hate asking for money... from anyone, even my own mother. Let's just face it, though. Can one teenage girl with no income living away from home possibly pay out of pocket for a mission trip to the other side of the world? No. That's where you come in! The cost estimation for my trip is $3000 with the first $500 due on March 6. Yes, a little less than a month! Not to mention the other supplies I will have to buy such as hiking equipment and Visas! I totally believe that a donation can be a blessing from many different angles. Angle #1) You get to have the benefit of seeing life change in a foreign country that otherwise might not happen, and all because you gave up one cup of coffee at Starbucks(or JaMoka's!) and donated to help a missionary. Angle #2) I get to go to India in January and have you forever to thank for the opportunity! Angle #3) Our team could plant seeds or change lives in India. Seeds planted that will be fertilized by the Lord and later He will use those people to make an impact on their own community.
-Write a check payable to TREC, International (send a note with the check saying that it's designated to Breanna Rains) mailed to TREC, International P.O. Box 242205 Montgomery, AL 36124 (tax deductible)
-Write a check to me and mail it(email me for the address) to me.
-Write a check/give cash to my mom at Lifepoint Church(if you know her.)
-Look for my mom at Lifepoint who will be selling knit hats/crocheted dishcloths to help me raise support.
-Check out my facebook page where I also am selling the hats! 
-Pray. Pray. Pray!
-Donate online here.

So, all ways you look at it, there are so many ways you can be a blessing to me and to the people of India. I also want to add that this trip will not have an impact at all unless there is prayer... lots and LOTS of prayer! When you think you have prayed enough, pray some more! Thank you so much for being a blessing to me and to the Indian people whether it be prayerfully or financially. I know that the Lord is paving my way to India as I type this, and He will provide! If you have any questions, or want to contact me for any reason email me at :) Thanks so much!

Here area a few examples of the hats she is making to sell. 

Here are some of the crochet wash cloths that my mom is making for Breanna to sell.

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