Friday, February 24, 2012

It's FRIDAY: A Week Review in Pictures

My friend Brandi (who I mentioned Here. A.K.K Aunt B.) sent me this key chain and I LOVE it.  These keychains were designed for and all proceeds go to them to help Stop Child Trafficking.  You can buy one for yourself HERE at You can also read more about how you can help stop child trafficking by reading a post I wrote a few weeks back HERE.

I can not keep this girl off the table.  I remove her from this table SEVERAL times a day.  We underestimated our high top table when Deci was this age.

So, Saturday we ventured out and went to the Frontier Heritage Fair.  It wasn't quite exciting but my husband loves any kind of fair.  We went but ended up at the Asian Heritage Fair going on next door which turned  out SO much better.  Too bad my husband had a stomach bug and we had to rush out after about 15 minutes. :( Luckily no one else caught the bug.
My youngest blog reader. :)
Journey and Deci around the same age in the same dress. :) This is the dress Deci wore for Kerrie and Wade's wedding.  Deci saw it in the closet the other day and begged me to put it on Journey so she could be a princess.  :)  I know this isn't the best picture of Journey.  Sometime soon I want to put her in it and take some pictures outside but right now it's still too cold.   
Happy Friday Everyone!  Have a GREAT weekend!!


breanna. said...

You spoke too soon about no one else catching the bug... surely you guys didn't take a week to show symptoms, but what do I know?

Audrey said...

I know, right? The nurse actually said that this could be from him...but it's been 7 days! Seems like a new virus to me. I hope you don't get it. :/