Wednesday, June 20, 2012

May Catch-up AND crossing number 7 off my LIST!

Like I said in the post below, I haven't done great at keeping my blog updated so this is my attempt at getting caught least after this post I'll be in JUNE! :) About time right, it's June 20th!
So, after my family left It was my birthday and Q took me out to eat at a pizza place.  We tried someplace new and got to eat outside.  It was perfect!
Top left Pic: Flowers all from our backyard. Bottom left: My birthday Ice cream cake my lovely friends Derrick and Thania brought over!
 My friend, Kylee got us tickets to an Oregon Duck's Baseball game on Mother's day!
 I should mention that a few months back my sister-in-law, Kerrie, told me she found this thing on FB with ZoZobugbaby that they were looking for kid models who could be in the Portland Area one day in May.  At first I didn't want to do it but Q thought it would be fun.  Go figure.  He did win a beauty contest when he was a baby! :)  So we sent in pictures and we got an email back saying that they picked Deci to be one of their models.  We were really excited...well, Deci was a little confused about what a model was but when I told her she gets to try of fun clothes and get her picture made she was really excited.  So, one Saturday in May we traveled up to Vancouver, Washington and had her picture made along with a few other girls.  It was so much fun and seriously I LOVE Zozobugbaby.  If you haven't checked out their website you should go now! :)  I've seen the pictures from that day but I'm not allowed to share them until sometime next Spring.  See, the photo shoot was for Spring/Summer 2013.
I promise to share the photo's when I get the okay.
After the morning of taking pictures we took the girls to the Oregon Zoo in Portland, which just so happens to be #7 on my LIST!  I made a List back in January of a few things I would like to do/visit in 2012 and The Oregon Zoo was on that list!
The Zoo was so much fun....and no, I honestly didn't mean to match the girls.  I didn't even notice until someone at the zoo commented on how cute they looked matching! haha!  I'm so not observant!
Last, but not least, baby Williams #3 is growing.  This was a picture from our 8 week appointment and the picture on the left is at about 9 weeks....I think.  I keep forgetting to keep track of when I take these pictures.  I'm trying to get better.  With the girls I never did the belly shot every few weeks and I regret that now so why not start with baby #3?  From what I hear, they have less pictures of themselves anyways so maybe if I start early...who knows...  Plus with family out of town this will be a way of letting them see the progress.  I'm showing a lot more now by the way!  pictures to come soon! :)
Whew, now we're out of May.  I feel better.


Kerrie said...

man this post was so fun! i love getting to see baby #3!! I can't WAIT to find out what it is (girl) haha I obviously have my guess. Although lately I've thought maybe it will be a boy... hmm... Deci's zoo outfit is ADORABLE by the way. She is so in fashion and she probably doesn't even realize it. haha mixing prints :)

Audrey said...

Kerrie, I'm thinking girl also. A few weeks back I thought maybe boy but now I'm so sure it's a girl that I will be shocked if they say boy. ha! 3 more weeks and we find out!! :)