Friday, June 8, 2012

The start of it all...

Today, I'm linking up over at The Williams Post

Flashback Friday

It is a linkup about our very first blog post. YIKES! Mine was pretty horrible.
I've been missing for a while like I forewarned in my last post.
The past week 1/2 I've actually started feeling better but I still don't have a lot of energy so most days during Journey's nap I also nap instead of blogging.  Also, I'm still struggling with and how to make collages easily.  In my mind I'm stuck back in early May when my dad, step-mom and my brother came out to visit.  I so badly want to post pictures but would LOVE To be able to make a collage out of them.  man, honestly I think the pictures make the blog but if I were a writer for real, this blog thing would be a little easier.  Instead I have to make it hard and someone told me about editing pictures! GEEZ! WHO TOLD ME ABOUT EDITING PICTURES??  It's changed my life and now It's hard to post and not edit.
Back to my wonderful Sister-in-law whose blog I'm linking up with today.
Did you know her and her husband are going to India and need your help?
Here is how you can help:
 Go buy a clutch from her at  I bought one from her and I LOVE

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