Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to do with a toddler on a cold or Rainy day?

Last week was the longest week of my life. I was stuck inside with this sick child of mine. She had a cold, a really bad cold. She had a fever and for the first few days all she wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch T.V. After that we got VERY bored and I struggled to find things to do inside.

We did manage to get out one day because I promised my child (the day before) that we would play in the snow.... well, as you can see in the next picture we didn't get much snow. We walked out to Pop's and Hilde's house and 1/2 way across the yard Deci started yelling for me to pick her up because it was soooo cold. We were very bundled up but my face was freezing! It was below freezing here in Alabama for over a week. I was miserable.

This picture is sideways but I got out a baking Sheet and let Deci play with her letters on it instead of the fridge.

One day we made a craft. It's a snowflake!

This is her sticking the blue paper onto contact paper. She used her new scissors the Gram, my mom (Dee as Deci calls her) got her for Christmas. A few days later we made a Sun hoping the sun would come out. :)

Dress up and a fort! Can you see the fort in the background over the table?

I let her make a mess and I didn't care!

I discovered Nutella this week. Which I can't look at without getting nauseous now!

We both Painted! (Which makes a big mess) She was still very snotty at this point and had paint all over her face from wiping snot. :/

She was so proud of her picture.

That's all I took pictures of but we also pumped up her baby pool from a few years ago and let her play in it. She pretends it's her home and gets ALL 10 of her babies and puts them into her pool and reads them books.

Also we played with the classic play-dough.

Not this week but in the past I have got dried noodles and let her play with them in a bowl with a spoon like she is cooking. She started throwing these all over the floor though and I kept sweeping them up and throwing them away until they were all gone.

Please share with me ways I can keep sane these next few winter months with a Toddler! :)

Post Christmas Party.

A few days after Christmas we had a post Christmas Party with our LifePoint College and Singles. We went to Arab to Holleigh's house then to the Arab park to see the lights. Deci loves these girls and she thinks she is their age. Notice Brittany is teaching Deci the "Peace" sign. :)

We played Dirty Santa with gifts under $5. These were the gifts. I'm wearing the dress Q got.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things my Mom made.

My Mom always made clothes for us growing up and she was so artistic. I'm still trying to figure why neither me or my brothers are artistic. Every year for Christmas we exchange gifts at my Mom and her husbands house that we either make ourselves or something used from our house. In other words we don't spend a lot of money and I love it! Here are some things she had made me and Deci over the past few years.

This is an Oven Mitt/pot holder...what are they called? :) Oh see it right?

Our Christmas Slippers from this year! :)

Curtain in Deci's room.

This is what she made Deci last year for Christmas. This is called The Claw. At that time Deci loved to chase people around with her finger curled like a claw. :)

This was for Deci's first birthday. Also with this she got her a mat to go under her high chair. We have carpet where her high chair was so it helped with clean up. She painted it with dots. It's really cute but I didn't get a picture of it.

My Mom made the bag and my cousin put the initial on it. My Mom's husband made the blocks for Deci last year for Christmas.

Stockings! This is my favorite! I love them.

I know I'm forgetting things. When Deci was younger she made her a few dresses. Also she sowed a "D" on a shirt for Deci's 2nd birthday.

Christmas Week!

I did it once again...I posted pictures backwards. I was so excited that I was finally getting to post something that I forgot.
The day after Christmas we went to my moms.
This next one is my favorite of the week. My mom made us all hats, gloves, and Slippers. :)

Making French Toast with Paw-Paw Bo.

Playing Peek-a-boo with Uncle Kyle...she made Kyle get in the box with her I just didn't have my camera ready.

Uncle Lee got Deci a Barbie Doll

We got my dad a deer feeder for his back yard. It's like a small water tower.

It took all of them to put it together.

Santa Brought Deci Chapstick! She loves it!

Making ornaments with Maw Maw and Paw Paw Crow and Kerrie.

Uncle Wade and Aunt Kerrie! They got her Skates!

Hilde and Pops.

Deci skating...My lovely Husband took the picture. He took 5 pictures trying to get a skating shot and her skates were cut off in ALL of them! This was the best. :)

Debbie, Deci and Jenn
Uncle Lee and Deci