Saturday, October 31, 2009


All of these pictures, except the last one, are from last year in October....2008 Flashback...
This first one is when Deci got her Cow for her birthday from Josh and Marcie. She was so excited!

Riding in her "Big Girl" car seat for the first time!

She was a's kinda hard to tell from this picture.

Our one year old...Wow, time flies!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Many of you know that it took us a while to get pregnant. It seems I have come across so many people lately that are having infertility problems and I wanted to share a blog that a friend of mine gave me to give another friend. Maybe it will help some of y'all out there trying to get pregnant. Her blog is I don't know her but I've read a lot of her post and it's very encouraging. I think something like this would have encouraged me while I was also trying to get pregnant.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pictures of the week!

Once again, I was in too big of a hurry and put my pictures in reverse order!! It drives me crazy and pushes me to tell the horrible story here goes...

So... I've ran over 3 things in the past month. First I was parked at Matt and Jennifer Brooks house. They have two boys that Deci adores! She calls them "My Boys". Anyways, I had to move my car into the yard. Me and Jenn left to go to Wal-mart in her car. An hour or so later I got back to get Deci and leave and when I did I ran over one of the boys bikes. It really didn't mess anything up too bad. Next I ran over Deci's Red Waggon that she got for her birthday last year from Q's dad. I cried when I ran over this one. I had to call Q to come home to help me get it out from under the car. It was smushed! Luckily it popped back into place...somewhat. The wheels were really messed up but Pop's is working on that and it will be close to good as new in no time...well...close enough.

Ok, this next one is hard for me to talk about and probably hard for some of you to read. Saturday morning Q told me that he left his keys at work and that I was going to have to take him to work. I had just got out of the shower so my hair was wet. He had to be there in 15 minutes so he was rushing me. (I blame all this on him...just so I feel a little better) So, we rushed out into the 40 degree weather with wet hair. Usually I put Deci in the Car and then get in myself and the Kitten, Socks, runs up on the porch when I crank the car.... do you know where this is going... Anyways, this morning we were hurrying and so I jumped in cranked the car. Q put Deci in the car seat all the while Socks was right beside Q's feet outside the door. He picked Socks up and tossed it towards the porch and jumped in the car where I backed up... Then Q noticed what I had done. Socks had ran back towards the car without us noticing. It was horrible! Words cannot express what I felt at that moment. I cried the whole way to drop Q at work. Not because I was attached to the cat yet because to be honest I wasn't yet but just for the fact because I was so frustrated about having to get out in the cold with wet hair and that Q had left his keys at work that I didn't slow down and think about what I was doing. Also the fact that it was Deci's first pet. She has only asked for him once since and I told her that he went bye bye to go find some friends. Anyways, that was a long story but here is my farewell picture of Socks.

Carving Pumpkins with Kerrie and Wade.

This is a picture I took after Kerrie gave me some simple advice about my camera. She just got a new Nikon camera that's better than mine but similar. Well, lets just face it...a lot of cameras have this option but I had no idea! I'm camera illiterate! I don't have a manual with my camera and I really could use one. Well, this picture was taken with the switch/dial set on the flower picture. That way when you take a picture of something up close (like a flower) the background is out of focus. I was excited to learn something new. It doesn't take much!

This was at my mom's house the week before Deci's birthday party. We were painting gourds to decorate for the party.

Deci is 2!!

Here are a few pictures from Deci's 2nd Birthday party. Once again I forgot to start uploading pictures backwards so all these pictures are backwards. This first one is Uncle Lee, Paw-Paw Bo and Deci decorating Cookies. We did this last...not that it matters but it bothers me. :) I may have a little O.C.D tendency!

We got Deci a Trampoline for her birthday. Most of our families went in together with us to get it. I got one for my birthday when I was 5 or 6 and it lasted until I was 16. We go out almost everyday to jump. She loves it! (And so did all the other kids at her party!)

Oh I forgot to mention that we were going to have the party at Quinton's Dads house which is next door to our house so the trampoline was going to be outside. Since it was the main gift from all the grandparents and aunts and uncles, Wade and Kerrie came up with the idea of putting it up in the auditorium in the church!

Hiding under the Trampoline with the Boys!

Q was a zombie slayer...




Elmo! That's Kerrie. This party was a dress-up party if you can't tell. Some of the adults dressed up but it may not have been a good idea for a two-year-old birthday party. Most of them were scared of the adult characters but this little lady bug Kaylee Loved Elmo!

Ashley and Matt


AnaRuth was asleep when she got to the party. She had a long day!

Rick and Hilde dressed up as Cows! Wade is Chucky Cheese. Chucky Cheese really scared the kids!! Especially Deci. You can tell in this picture that Deci didn't want to take her eyes off him. We had to show her it was Wade.

I had to get on the trampoline with her!! :)

My Two Year old!!! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometime's you get what you wish for...

So, Deci's Birthday is this week. We had her birthday party this past Saturday. I'll be posting pictures from that soon. For weeks now when you ask Deci what she wants for her Birthday she will say "Kitty, Kitty! Two Kitty Kitty!" Quinton and I went back and forth on whether or not we wanted another pet. We were loving not having any pets but part of me really wanted a cat because Deci really wanted one. I know she can't really take care of it but it was the only thing that she was asking for. So, I decided not to get her a cat but the last thing Q said was that I could make the decision but that he didn't think it was a good idea.

On Sunday (The week before her party) I mentioned it in the nursery that Deci really wanted a cat. My friend Marice heard me and we talked about it a little. Her and Josh got Deci a Cow last year so we joked about how she needed to get her an animal ever year. I didn't think she was serious. On Friday morning I get a call from Marcie that she found me a cat at a Vet.'s office here in town. I didn't think much about it...besides, it's not me giving our child a's someone else so Q won't care right! So Quinton gets home at 5:00. At 5:30 Josh and Marcie pull up with this...

(Here they are making her close her eye's to wait)
A kitty!!!

Look at that face!! She was so excited!

I found a few flea eggs on it's belly so I decided to give it a bath.
Come to find out it had LOTS of fleas! It was infested with them! I have never seen so many fleas on a cat in my life...I'm not exaggerating at all. It was horrible. I called Marcie in panic. I really wanted to give it back but what I asked is if I could put the cat outside. I've had fleas in the house before and it was horrible. They take over a house in no time and it wasn't happening again! So, I was screaming while washing the cat, almost crying. Q was saying "I told you so" "Do you not ever listen"... Deci was wondering why she couldn't hold her cat. It was a mad house! Deci got my phone and called her Pops by accident and he could hear me in the back ground screaming "It has fleas! It's Covered in fleas! Yuck! What do I do? What do I do?"

We ended up putting him outside in a pet taxi with it's food, water and a towel. The next day we let it out to roam. It just hangs out on the porch and we go out and visit. We named it Socks...well, Deci wanted to Name it "Da Da" and Then "Nick Nick" Then "Da Da Nick" but we decided on Socks. Oh and by the way the next day after another bath I only found one live flea and I caught Q on the porch talking baby talk to the kitty! He's in love...I knew it would happen but I did learn a valuable lesson: Let Q know next time someone wants to bring us anything alive!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

For Deci's birthday the Stewarts took us to the pumpkin patch. This was Deci's first time to go to a pumpkin patch and she loved it!

These girls played so good together! They were so funny! AnaRuth is 4 months younger than Deci.

Kevin and Q with the girls.

I love this face!

They got to paint pumpkins. Deci was so proud of hers!

This barn was so much fun. It had a corn pit in it and on one side it had an opening where you could jump out onto hay. It was only 10 feet so I thought I would give it a jump. Q talked me out of landing on my feet so I landed on my bottom and it hurt soooo bad! I'm actually hurting today! I have a picture of me in mid-air but it's turned sideways and I couldn't figure out how to edit it on here.

AnaRuth and Deci with their pumpkins!

The corn pit!

Me, Deci, Jessica, and AnaRuth

Thanks guys for such a fun day!!!