Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you reading my husbands blog???

I hope you are, because I've been MIA for most of this month and so much has gone on!  If you haven't checked out my husbands blog go check it out now at also check THIS POST out where he makes our BIG announcement.  Yep, that's right, I'm PREGNANT! YIKES. 3 kids.  This one wasn't planned and it's been a little overwhelming to think about but we've always wanted more kids (we just thought it would be thru adopting) but the pregnancy stage and newborn stage kind of gets the best of me.  If you read my post HERE where I announced I was pregnant with Journey, you will see shortly after that I stopped blogging for ummm... almost 2 YEARS! Eeeeek!  I can't even look at the post around that post where just looking at the pictures I remember how sick I felt.  I'm honestly going to try and stick with this blogging thing but honestly 3 kids seems overwhelming at the moment.  It starts getting "easy" again after they turn one...or something like that.

What else has been going on this month?  Well, we decided to do the 7 challenge inspired by Jen Hatmaker's book 7.  This month we decided to only wear 7 articles of clothing for the whole month.  You can read more about that on my husbands blog also HERE.  Seriously, I hope you have been reading my husbands blog this month.  We also had visitors from Alabama.  Our friends Michael and Heather Bledsoe and My Dad, his wife, and my younger brother came for a week.  Then my birthday and mothers day.  AND so much has been going on with The Beautiful Mess (which you can also check out on Q's blog).  ALSO, Deci got to be a model for ZozoBugBaby's Spring/Summer 2013's catalog and that was so much fun!  After we took the girls to the Zoo.  We also planted a garden and the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 
So, lesson for you dear blog readers, if I go MIA again...Go read Q's blog! :)  But hopefully I'll have another moment when I'm free and feel good where I can post some pictures from the month of May! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Week, Visitors, and The Coast...

Last week Q's mom, her husband Alan, and Q's grandmother came out for a visit and we LOVED every minute of it.  I didn't feel so well this week and didn't take a lot of pictures (I could just kick myself now!) but here are a few:
 Maw Maw and Paw Paw bought Deci a kite...well, I should rephrase...I bought Deci a kite at a thrift store for .50cents and after I told Deci to leave it alone she ripped it open and broke part of it.  Good thing the grandparents were here...she got another kite right away.  So we took it to the coast.
 You know how I LOVE the Oregon coast!  We took a girls only trip.  Q had to work and Q's grandmother had never been to the Oregon coast so we loaded up and went.  Alan decided to play golf. Granny stayed in the van for this stop.  Too bad it was so cold and windy...
 This is one of my favorite places to stop at the coast.  You can walk 1/2 a mile up the hill to the light house and take a tour for free and I love all the rocks at our feet.
 These girls love their grandparents so much.  Deci told me this morning that she wanted to be like Maw Maw and let her fingernails grow out. haha!  Maybe this will help her stop biting her fingernails.
 Funny story:  As we were getting ready to go to the coast I picked out clothes for Deci to wear and told her to take them to Granny or Maw Maw to help her put them on.  A minute goes by and Deci come running to get me out of my bedroom and tells me to look at Journey.  Journey was dressed from head to toe in Deci's clothes! Deci tricked them and told them that I wanted them to dress Journey instead of Deci.  ha! :)  We fixed that problem but when we got out at the coast, I told Maw Maw to grab Journeys coat before she got her out of the van.  I didn't realize until later that she put Deci's coat on Journey. :)
 I love these pictures and If I wasn't so mad at picnik for making me switch to another photo editing company, I would have put these two in a collage.  I just can't figure out how to on PhotoBucket! I know it can happen...

 Deci, of course, had to put her feet in the water.

Paw Paw Crow and Deci.  We had such a fun week with them here!  We got to eat lots and lots of Southern cooking and these girls were spoiled all week. :)
These girls sure do love having family in town.  Good thing they won't be without family for long!  My dad, his wife Debbie and my younger brother Kyle will be here on Saturday for my birthday week!