Monday, October 19, 2009

Deci is 2!!

Here are a few pictures from Deci's 2nd Birthday party. Once again I forgot to start uploading pictures backwards so all these pictures are backwards. This first one is Uncle Lee, Paw-Paw Bo and Deci decorating Cookies. We did this last...not that it matters but it bothers me. :) I may have a little O.C.D tendency!

We got Deci a Trampoline for her birthday. Most of our families went in together with us to get it. I got one for my birthday when I was 5 or 6 and it lasted until I was 16. We go out almost everyday to jump. She loves it! (And so did all the other kids at her party!)

Oh I forgot to mention that we were going to have the party at Quinton's Dads house which is next door to our house so the trampoline was going to be outside. Since it was the main gift from all the grandparents and aunts and uncles, Wade and Kerrie came up with the idea of putting it up in the auditorium in the church!

Hiding under the Trampoline with the Boys!

Q was a zombie slayer...




Elmo! That's Kerrie. This party was a dress-up party if you can't tell. Some of the adults dressed up but it may not have been a good idea for a two-year-old birthday party. Most of them were scared of the adult characters but this little lady bug Kaylee Loved Elmo!

Ashley and Matt


AnaRuth was asleep when she got to the party. She had a long day!

Rick and Hilde dressed up as Cows! Wade is Chucky Cheese. Chucky Cheese really scared the kids!! Especially Deci. You can tell in this picture that Deci didn't want to take her eyes off him. We had to show her it was Wade.

I had to get on the trampoline with her!! :)

My Two Year old!!! :)

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