Monday, June 18, 2012

Cork Stamps

I've recently found a new blog that I'm following (Blessed to be a Blessing) and I found this really cute idea on her blog (from her post Simple, Sweet Cards)...she found it on Pinterest (Source)! I LOVE Pinterest!  If only I had more time to spend on there.
CORK STAMPS!! :)  Now, why didn't I think of that?
So, while my two crafty friends (Britni and Holleigh) sewed themselves a dress...(seriously, sewed a dress in 2 hours and I'm jealous and will be begging them soon to walk me step-by-step through making myself one!) I needed the girl time so I sat mesmerized watching them and making these FUN and EASY cork stamps!
forgive my lack of editing with this pic from my phone...I'm having editing issues STILL.
All you have to do is get some corks, sharpie, and box cutter/knife and get to work.  :)  So much FUN!

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