Monday, February 6, 2012

Marriage Letters: Opposites Attract

Join me and Q, along with Amber from The Run a Muck by writing  Marriage Letters every Monday.

  Those words couldn't be more true for us.  Opposites Attract.  In some ways more than others.  I'm sure of it, that you're the one who has to compromise the most.  I'm pretty stubborn and you are more laid back (for the most part).  I say for the most part because just the other day we were trying to plan a one day road trip to the Redwoods.  It's 4 1/2 hours there and 4 1/2 back.  I said, "Lets do this!" and you said, "Audrey, that's 9 hours for the girls to be in the car in one day."  Oh, yeah...that could be a problem.  I seem to jump into things when you are the one to really think things through.  I'm so glad you are the one who thinks straight.  I'm sure I could have talked you into the adventure (because you love a good adventure) and then we would have been 4 hours away from home with 2 really fussy girls.  At that point It would have hit me that maybe that wasn't a good idea.  I would have no solution and you would come in and save the day.  Thanks for thinking ahead, babe.  (But seriously, lets plan a 2 day trip to see the Redwoods soon!)

I'm pretty sure I'm the paranoid one.  Flying with our girls stresses me out more than anything in this world.  Ok, maybe it's not the actual flying.  It's more of taking that first step into the airport until we get on the plane.  I'm terrified of what might happen if I take my eyes off either of our girls at any point in time.  This tends to be a problem now that we have 2 kids.  Before I could be the parent that was latched onto the one kid.  Now, I stress you out by telling you not to take your eyes off the other kid. If she does take one step away from you SHE COULD BE ABDUCTED! ok, I'm VERY paranoid around a large crowd when it comes to our girls. You tend to bring us balance.

How about all the other little things like the fact that I would vacation at the beach EVERY single year when you prefer the mountains.  It's our hot/cold issue.  You are always 100 degrees and I'm always freezing.  You always want the air on and I always want the heater.  We really need one of those cars where we each can control our own temperature.

I'm glad I have you in my life to bring balance and stability.  You're calm and I lose my temper.  You're strong and I'm so weak.  You're thoughtful when I can be inconsiderate.  Thanks for being YOU!


Kerrie said...

I know I say this every monday, but I seriously love these marriage letters. And I'm really for real going to participate next Monday. I love your letters, Audrey. They are written with beauty, honesty, and a lot of humor.

keLi said...

what grace that the paranoid among us get paired with more rational counterparts. totally related to your letter. :)

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Audry! I love it.

And can I just say that we also have the hot/cold issue?

I'm so thankful for the seemingly strange pairing that God does.

Thank for joining us in this.