Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just Q and A: Our love story in Pictures

I wanted to attempt to post our Love story today...about how we met and the years in between then and now...BUT it seemed VERY overwhelming to me to try and get that done today.  This March we've been together 14 years.  We dated 7 years and in May we will have been married 7.  I'm so blessed to have this man in my life. 
Me 15, Q 17 :) Q's Senior Prom
Our Wedding May 28, 2005
This picture is for Deci.  She asked me the other day if we ever kiss. ha! :)

Our Honeymoon.  A Cruise to the Bahama's

Our first (I believe) Vacation after being married.  You don't see them here but we took this road trip with 3 single people...I'm not sure what we were thinking.  But it sure was a fun trip.  We went to Washington D.C. by the way. 

 This post was by far my favorite post I've done in a while.  I Loved getting a chance to look back at old pictures of me and Q.  I just wish I had more of our pictures before we got married online.  I'll try and take a picture of a few of the one's we have...because I don't have a scanner.

Thanks Q for all the wonderful memories!  I'm a better person because of you.   I love you more and more everyday!  I honestly couldn't imagine this life without you.


Kerrie said...

I smiled this whole post. I love that you guys knew eachother basically forever. I wish I had known Wade that long and had all of those memories with him :)

Wade said...

Kerrie, it might be considered a blessing. I had some growing up to do. And you were a scary blonde.

Audrey said...

Hahaha! Kerrie, I'm just glad we are far enough away from all the crazy dating years that we have forgot how stupid we both were. And I think Wades right...you were a scary blonde! ;)

Brooklyn said...

Love this post - so sweet!!! Hope you guys had a Happy Valentine's Day!