Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holleigh's Birthday!

This day didn't start off so well...I still haven't decided if I want to share about what happened.  Q says in all of my transparency I should...but the part of me that worries what others think doesn't want it to be so public.  Okay, so I know you are all wondering now.  Let's just say that Q had to leave for Church early and in the frustration of trying to get the girls ready I had a come apart.  We didn't make it to church but it ended up being just what I needed.  2 hours of doing nothing but playing with my 2 favorite girls.  Just me and them.  ANYWAYS, that's how I started Holleigh's birthday.  But don't worry, my day got better when Nick, Brandi, and Breanna came home with my favorite coffee drink!!  Yeah, because the day IS all about ME, right! Who's birthday was it?? oh yeah, Holleigh's.  So we loaded up and met Holleigh and Alec, along with a ton of other people, at a local Winery, Sweet Cheeks. (By the way I left my camera at home.  I could have kicked myself.  So all the pictures below are taken with my cell phone.  But Brandi took some really GREAT pictures that I'm going to try and post tomorrow.)

This is how Holleigh put's her birthday candles out.

Always Dancing!
 After Sweet Cheeks we drove about 10 miles to King Estates Winery.
 This place is like a castle.

We went with a guy that knew someone there so we got the VIP treatment and they drove us to the top of this hill where you can see (kind of) King Estates in the background.  It was beautiful.
 I'm pretty sure Holleigh had a great Birthday.  I know that it was such a fun day for me.  After all this we had everyone over at the house to play board games.  So much fun! :)
Aunt B, Deci and Holleigh

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