Thursday, February 23, 2012


So, whats been going on lately? you may ask...  WELL... nothing really but also SO MUCH! ha!  First, I was asked earlier this week to guest post on another blog! EEEEEK! It's my sister-in-law's blog. Kerrie @ Williams in Love.  I haven't written it yet, it will be on her blog sometime in March.  I'm writing about my mission as a mom.  I'm honored that she would even ask me but also so intimidated (silly I know)...she has way over 100 followers and she writes so well.  I'm not sure I can measure up, but it will be fun. :)  Kerrie has started something new on Tuesdays and I love the idea.  Check out her post from this past Tuesday HERE.

Also,  we booked tickets to fly back to Alabama for a visit this Summer and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!  It's so expensive to fly back so it looks like we will only be able to fly back once a year.  We picked a few weeks last Summer and it turned out perfect.  I miss the Alabama humidity and heat!!  Honestly, I do!  I miss all of your Southern accents also!  I love it here in Oregon but honestly 3 weeks back in Alabama once a year is SO refreshing!

 We also have been praying about whats next for the Crash team.  My husband, Q, wrote a post called The Crash Update.  If you haven't read it yet, you should. :) Please pray for us.  Q and another guy met with this church staff on Monday.  So far we haven't heard anything back but we are excited about the possibilities.

Also on Monday Deci had a play date.  One of her friends from school came over with her mom.  We don't know a lot of girls here Deci's age so it was really nice to be able to get to know this little girl and her mom better.  If you didn't know, Deci goes to school twice a week for speech.  It's a free program here.  We got to pick if we wanted someone to come to the house or for Deci to go to a school type environment.  We thought it would be fun for Deci to be around other kids and she loves it!

Just in case any of you were hair is fading slowing, which is a good thing.  It is no longer EXTREMELY red/purple at the top.
Well, I feel like I haven't updated you guys on life there you go!  I'm already working on Tomorrows "A Week Review in Pictures" post and then Saturday (hopefully) I'm going to be posting a photo an hour post about my day today.... like Kerrie's post today.  So fun!

Oh, ONE MORE THING: Have extra income tax money?? Consider helping my friend Breanna go to India! :) Check out how you can help by reading THIS POST.  She only needs about $100 more to have all $500 of her deposit!

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Kerrie said...

yay fun stuff! I can't wait for you to guest post for me!!