Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day in the LIfe of a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Have you ever wondered what a stay-at-home mom does all day? Well, I decided to journal on Friday, Feb 10, 2012 about all that went on in the Williams house that day.  This day was pretty typical but do know that all stay-at-home moms are not the same.  Also If I would have done this, lets say, a year ago it would have been completely different.  My girls are at the age now where I actually can get things done around the house.  :)

7:30 Journey wakes up, therefor I wake up. :) (Wake up time varies in this house.  sometimes as early at 6) I go to computer initially to check time, since my phone is in a bag of rice at the moment.  I dropped it in the toilet a few days ago.  I hold Journey and check my blog, Facebook and email.  Journey gets her books and reads.  I write out my "to-do" list which has 12 things I need to do.

8:15:  I fix Breakfast for Journey and myself.

8:30: Deci wakes up so I fix her breakfast.  When I ask her if she wants milk or water she says Milk.  When I hand her the cup of milk she says, "I didn't know what I was saying, I want water."

9:00: Put girls in the bath while I clean the bathroom.  Then I put the first load of clothes in the washing machine.  START COFFEE! Put dishes away that were drying on the counter top.

9:30: girls out of bath. Deci ask to wear a dress because she has to go to a party... there is no party, the girl just likes to wear dresses.  I wash dishes until the hot water runs out.  The girls play by themselves.

10:00 I sit down to drink my coffee and Deci starts her talent show that she does every single day.  Today she starts out as "shoe girl".  I fold towels while watching because I need to multitask to get everything done.  I try to have a conversation with Breanna but Deci tells me that I can't take my eyes off of her when she is performing and I must talk in a whisper.  :)
I play memory with Deci while trying to keep Journey away.

10:30: We are still playing memory but I take a break to put the 2nd load of clothes in the washing machine.  I find Journey playing in the trash.  Decided it was time to take trash out all the while Deci is still trying to play memory screaming "Your turn mom!" over and over until I finally make it back.

11:00:  I sit down to do my Bible study.  Its sad to say but this doesn't happen every day.  The day before I actually sat down with the bible beside me while Journey was sleeping and she woke up before I even got the bible open.  While I'm doing my bible study Deci is playing the keyboard and Journey the guitar...right beside me.  Journey then starts bringing me books and Deci is asking me which is my favorite animal.  I really should just get up early to do my bible study because it's almost impossible while the girls are awake.

11:15: I get lunch ready.  Left overs from yesterday.  I cooked 2 meals yesterday! Go Me! But today I won't cook anything.  I've only crossed 2 things off my "to do" list.

11:30: Both girls are finished eating and I haven't even sat down to eat mine yet.  I realize I haven't had any water all day.  Journey is now covered from head to toe in pizza sauce.  Outfit #1 comes off.  When you become a mom, you learn to eat fast.

11:50: Get online to check Facebook and Twitter.  I feel a little disconnected from the world outside without my phone... even though it's not a smart phone...

12:00 After flying thru FB, Twitter and reading a few blogs, I make myself get off @12.  Start cleaning up toys in the den and getting Journey ready for nap.

12:30: Journeys nap time! Praise God! I work on a Valentines craft with Deci for the grandparents.

1:15: Wash 3rd load of clothes then finally get a shower.  Then get the Valentines ready to go to the mail.

2:00: A battle within...whether to blow dry my hair or blog.  I know I only have about 30 more minutes before Journey wakes up.  Decided to blow dry hair.

2:30 Sit down to blog.

2:50 Wake Journey up.  We usually don't let her sleep over 2 hours because she doesn't sleep well at night if she gets too much sleep during the day. I realize we are out of toilet paper.  whoops!

3:15: I'm somehow accomplished writing a blog post.  6 out of 12 things are crossed off my "to do" list.
I give the girls a snack and I attempt to wash the rest of the dishes.

3:45: Finish washing most of the dishes.  Put 4th load of clothes in the wash.
Q got home early! YAY! This doesn't happen a lot.  We talk blog talk.  Played with the girls and read them books.

4:30: Fold clothes.  Deci goes to the potty and falls in because Q left the seat up. Q leaves to get us food. :)

5:00: I straighten my hair because I'm going out with Breanna and two new friends to watch The Vow.  I drink my 2nd cup of coffee for the day.  Who knew I would be the girl that needed more than one cup of coffee in one day?

5:20: Q's back with food.  We eat.  Then watch TV and play with the girls.

6:30 Journey's new trick: Taking her clothes off.  She pees in the floor.  I put Journey's PJ's on and start getting ready for a night out with some ladies!  I think just knowing I was getting out later in the day made the day go by so much smoother. 

7:20:  Breanna and I leave the house.  This part is totally not normal.  I usually am home to help put the girls in bed but since our friends asked us to go out Q said he would watch the girls. :) Plus, we have plans to go out for Valentine's day the very next day.

At the end of the day I've checked off 8 things off my "to do" list.  Not bad, not bad.  It was a very good day in the Williams house.   Some days are crazier than this.  Some days I don't clean ANYTHING.  Some days I sit and watch Biggest Loser while the kids play.  Some days we do leave the house....not very often but it does happen.  I hope you've enjoyed reading about a day in the life of this stay-at-home mom. :)


Kerrie said...

this was so fun! I've seen posts similar to this where people do a photo an hour to show their day and I've always wanted to do it, but I never had. Maybe on a day I work at church.. that would be entertaining haha. I enjoyed your post!!

Audrey said...

That such a good idea...a photo an hour. I think I'll try that soon. :) I think you should do it on a day at the church. That would be pretty funny. :)