Thursday, February 2, 2012


and I don't mean the month... If you don't know this already, our oldest daughters name is December.  We just call her Deci sometimes.  She's 4 and in case you haven't been around her, or any other 4-year-old for that matter, I will just tell you that she says the most random things.  For instance, a few days ago she asked, "Does God have superpowers?" and I asked her why she asked that and she said, "Because he can hold the whole world in his hand and see us all." :)  I love the way her little heart see's God.
This girl seriously picks out her own clothes...almost everyday.

Then one day I told her she needed to clean up her dress-up toys and she said, "But God wants YOU to."   Hummm....really??
this is one of her favorite's a summer dress but as you can see she finds a way to wear it in the winter.
This is her Pippi Longstocking dress. She wants to be just like Pippi and I LOVE it! 

When we went to Mount Pisgah she wanted to run way ahead of Q on the way down.  I told her we needed to wait on him simple because I wanted us to stay together.  I asked her what we would do if we saw a bear and she said, "It's ok mommy.  I'll hold your hand."
I should add that I think all of these pictures where taken within the past month. :)

Just a few days ago Q was getting ready for work and he heard the girls wake up.  He went to get them and fixed them breakfast. (yeah, I know, I was in shock too! ha!) Before Q had to leave Deci came in to wake me up and said, "Mommy, wake up! You've been sleeping for a whole minute! Mommy, get up! You've been sleeping ALL day!" It was 7:20. yep.  No concept of time. :)
I think I picked this outfit...but it fits her well...and she picked the headband (below). Always got to accessorize.

All of these pictures were taken from my cell phone and it takes HORRIBLE pictures so excuse the blur...but I like it in this pic. :)

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Kerrie said...

I should let Deci pick out my outfits. She thinks of things I never would. I love it