Friday, February 10, 2012

What should have been on my list: Spencer's Butte

I made a list on a post a few months back of places that I wanted to visit in Oregon in 2012.  You can see the list HERE.  I should have added Spencer's Butte to that list.  While our friends Nick and Brandi (A.K.A. Nick Nick and Aunt B) were here from Alabama, we decided to explore something new in Oregon. None of us had ever been here before and I can not wait to go back.  We started off with a nice stroll through the woods.

Holleigh and Alec

Our family. Notice we are using the carrier for Journey.  Best Thrift Store investment yet! $14.99!
 It actually turned out to be a pretty good hike.  We took the easy hike since we had the kids but it still was quite a hike.  It was only a little over a mile but it got pretty steep towards the end. (The other path was 1/2 a mile but straight up.)
 Q and Deci, mainly Deci, decided to take the road less traveled and this is where I called for Alec to take Journey off my back.   When I got up and saw this view I got a little my legs were like jello at this point from carrying the 25(ish) pounds on my back.


Deci, Q and Luis
 We made it to the top and this was our view!
3 Sisters
 Journey was exhausted.
Alec carried Journey back down.  He said at one point her head hit his head. He didn't know what was going on until Brandi told him that Journey had fallen asleep. So funny.  With her Raisin's in her hand. :)
I can not wait to post about the rest of the week with Nick Nick and Aunt B.  (So check back in tomorrow! :)  They are already back in Alabama now and WE MISS THEM SO MUCH!! I can't wait until they come visit again.  I hope you enjoyed pictures of Spencer's Butte and if you ever come visit this will probably be a place we take you.  I completely agree with Q, "One of the 10 top views I've seen in my life!" BEAUTIFUL!


Kerrie said...

that was so fun! I love Journey in these photos - the family one where she made sure to get her face in the photo and this last one is just hilarious!

crazyjojames said...

Audrey, the photos are beautiful!