Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nick Nick and Aunt B's last day in Oregon

 We took Nick and Brandi to the top of Skinner's Butte to see the view.  They were so lucky to have such beautiful weather while they were here.
Q, Alec, Luis, Nick

Zach Gideon
We went to Sweet Life, a local bakery, to get dessert and coffee.  I'm pretty sure this is where we met up for the day after Journey woke up from her nap...I'm just too lazy to move the pictures around so they will actually be in order.   :)
Jeff, Journey, and Derrick

We walked past Alec's work and waved at him and Mike. 
Then we went back to the base of Spencer's Butte so Brandi could take a few pictures since she left her camera at our house the first time we went.
 If you wonder why Brandi isn't in a lot of these pictures it's because I'm pretty sure she would kill me if I put a lot of pictures of her on my blog. ha! :) But these next 3 pictures Brandi took with her awesome camera and I love them.

Side note:  One night we got to go to Albany to hang out with the McKinney family.  The husbands were supportive enough to tell us ladies to leave all the kids (all 5 kids!) with them to go get dessert at a local shop some of their friends own.  It was such a fun night.  For some reason I get away to Albany and have so much fun with April talking and catching up that I NEVER seem to remember to get a picture of us all.  April is my friend here from Alabama that moved here to help with a Church plant. It feels like home when I get together with her.  We can relate in so many ways. She gets me. She also has the son who has a heart that needs surgery that I asked for you guys to pray for a few weeks back. Keep praying.  They have some hard decisions ahead to make. 
Last blog post about Nick Nick and Aunt B for a while.  I guess it's about time I get caught up in real life.  They've been gone since Tuesday.  Nothing much has happened since they left.  I think we were so busy while they were here that we crashed after they left.  Maybe they got an extra day off of work to recover. :)
Check back in tomorrow for Marriage Letters Monday, Tuesday I'm going to TRY really hard to do a post on how I met Q and our promises...How do you write a post on 7(ish) years of dating?? Wednesday I have a post ready on "A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom." :)

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