Monday, February 27, 2012

Marriage Letters: I knew you loved me when

Join me and Q, along with Amber @ The Run a Muck as we write Marriage Letters on Mondays.

   I'm not sure when I first knew you loved me...  Was it after our day in Mentone? Or was it actually years later when I finally let you go so that you could realize what you wanted?  I remember there was a change in you, in the way you needed me like I needed you. I knew you loved me then.

   I knew you loved me when I went to Ireland and you wrote me letters to open every day I was there.   I knew you loved me when you proposed, and as we made wedding plans.  I knew you loved me when after only 3 months of us being married, I came home telling you that I wanted to have a baby and you said okay.

   I knew you loved me in those years of trying to have a baby and when we finally did have a baby and miscarried, I knew you loved me more.  You hurt for me because you knew I wanted a baby so bad.

   I knew you loved me those early months of having a new baby.  I looked horrible.  I acted horrible. You were always so patient with me.  You struggled with me but I knew you loved me.  You stuck with me.  I knew you loved me when I expressed that I wanted to have another baby.  You said, "lets adopt" Because you knew everything about pregnancy was out of your control and you couldn't stand seeing me in pain knowing there was nothing you could do.  I also knew you loved me when you encouraged me to quit my job so that I could be a stay-at-home-mom.

    I knew you loved me when you asked my opinion about us moving to Oregon.  You wanted me to be happy.  I knew you loved me when late one night we got in a really big fight and you didn't leave.  You were honest with me.  You went outside and sat in the grass until you calmed down and then you came back in.  I love that we can disagree but in the end I always know you love me.  We seem to always be able to work things out.  Sometimes I don't like it when you're honest with me but that's when I know you love me also.

   I knew you loved me this weekend while you took care of all 3 of us girls while we were sick.  You were pretty much up all night.  Honestly I was so amazed at what all you did and how well you took care of us.  Seriously there aren't enough words to say about how thankful I am for all you did this weekend.

  Thank you for loving me for me.


Christy A. said...

We've both known they loved us by how they care for us when we're sick. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Amber's link-up. :)

Audrey said...

Thanks for stopping by! I checked your blog out also and I LOVED your 30 by 30 page! Such a good idea! I'll be 30 in May...I wonder if it's too late to start? haha! :) maybe 40 by 40...

Q said...

Love you babe. Thanks for the kind words

Brandee Shafer said...

Beautifully heartfelt.