Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A confession. A not so perfect stay-at-home mom.

When I decided to start this blog up again I had a discussion with Q about how one problem I had with blogging is that sometimes when you blog your life can seem almost perfect or make believe. We only write about this good things and post pictures of smiles. Sometimes you never see the kids screaming or the parents fighting. You can read another blog and wish your life was like that when in all reality their life may not be so "perfect". I've noticed this can also happen on Facebook. I understand the opposite of this is the annoying people on Facebook that complain about anything and everything. I often have the habit of being negative and I hate it. When I was talking to Q about this he said that I should write about the good and the bad...be transparent.

So, I'm going to try to be transparent without being negative or complaining...I just want people to know that we are not a "perfect" family...whatever that may mean. I let my kids wear their PJ's all day long...not because I'm a cool mom but because sometimes it's easier then trying to find something for them to wear. I get really excited that my 1-year-old now takes a 3 hour nap because I know that it means I can let my 4-year-old watch TV while I shower, knit, read, and blog when really I should be folding clothes or washing the dishes that are overflowing in the sink. I was just thinking this morning that life was so good and in a minute all that changed as me and the kids were covered in paint and I wanted to SCREAM! Ok, maybe I did scream... Life is still good because God is good. I'm learning everyday that I can't live this life without Him.

I wanted to share a text I sent my husband this morning:

"Started the morning singing Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, playing Barbies...all was perfect in the Williams house. Then disaster hit. Tried to paint ornaments. Paint everywhere! Both girls screaming at the moment with snotty faces. Journey eating a marker while crying. Deci not wanting to clean up...funny how a day can change so fast! On top of all that I think I just burnt the soup that I was cooking on the stove for lunch. Oh the joys of being a stay at home mom. :)"

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Kerrie said...

I love it. And you're right. We dont blog about the ugly parts of life. I like this post :)