Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seattle: Day 1

Quinton's Brother Wade and his wife Kerrie flew into Oregon on Monday night and spent a few nights with us then we drove up to Seattle, WA to meet their dad and his wife Hilde for a little Christmas vacation. Q and I had never been to Washington before so this was an extra special trip for us. I have a silly dream of visiting all the states before I die. One more State checked off the list! I have quite a lot to go. We got into Seattle. Q drove and I hung my head out the window to take pictures. We got to our hotel, Edgewater, which was AMAZING! We were right on the water and within walking distance of everything downtown. The girls loved the room. Deci found this bear in the room that she loved along with a bear stool (that by the way was really cool) that cost $425! YIKES!

This was our view from our room!

After we got settled in we walked to Ivars to eat. The girls were a little fussy. It was getting close to their bedtime by the end of the meal plus they had been in a car for 7 hours that day so we headed back to the hotel early. I've decided to blog day by day about this trip because it was so much fun, so many pictures, and It may be a while before we take another trip like this. So check back in for Days 2, 3, and 4 of our Seattle trip!

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