Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seattle: Day 3

Q and the girls figured out that the Seagulls loved to be fed pancakes... $15 dollar pancakes from room service... I guess if we weren't going to finish them we shouldn't let them go to waste.

I don't have a lot of pictures from this day. My camera battery can only be charged in the car and since we didn't get in the car the whole trip after we arrived (until we were leaving) I didn't get to charge the battery. We started the day by walking to the Pacific Science Center. The girls loved getting to run around there. Next we walked to lunch where we met our friends The Buckley's who are originally from Washington but moved to Alabama a few years ago then moved back to Washington where they live now. They have 2 older sons and recently adopted a 9 year old little boy named Luke who we got to meet for the first time. We all went to the Space Needle which was my favorite part of the trip...minus my fussy one year old at the top plus a sometimes claustrophobic mom (Me!). I love going to places that I've seen in Movies all my life. I told Q that we must watch Sleepless in Seattle soon.

I'm pretty sure this is the best family picture we have from our trip...My camera was dying at this time and Deci was refusing to be in pictures. She was trying to grab her jacket to hold over her head. I think Kerrie took another picture after my camera died so maybe it turned out better than this one.
The picture below (from right to left) is Q with Hilde's daughter Michelle, holding Journey and then Jan and Steve Buckley. It was so nice getting to see them again.

After we left the Space Needle Kerrie and I walked back to our hotel with the girls so they could rest while Q and the rest of the crew went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum. We all met up again at the hotel and walked down town to eat at restaurant called Local 360 which had the most random menu of Rabbit, pig ears, and other random but yummy food. I'm not big on trying different things but Q loved it. :) My steak was wonderful! Once again we left the restaurant early because of sleepy kids.  I'm impressed at how well our kids (and me. ha!) did on this trip with all the walking and eating out, but by the end of the day they were tired and getting fussy.

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