Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Do you pick out a perfect Christmas tree?

You pick a perfect Christmas tree by letting your 4-year-old pick it out, because if you leave it up to your husband you will bring home a tree that looks like the one pictured above. Seriously, this is the tree Q wanted to take home.
Quinton has met a new friend named Ethan and this is his family's Christmas tree farm. They are in the process of trying to sell the farm but this year they were selling the tree's to help a group to go Uganda Africa to work with the invisible children ministry.
The only problem with letting a 4-year-old pick out a tree is that it may take FOREVER! I think we walked around for 30 minutes before she (with a lot of help from me) found the perfect tree.

Q cut down the tree. I love this because I remember as a child going to the Christmas tree farm in Alabama with my family and I loved it. I hope this can be a new family tradition for us also.

Q tied the tree on top of the Jeep...which I say it's the wrong way because the wind will blow all the branches the wrong way...Q says it's more aerodynamic... I'm not sure who is right but the tree made it home in one piece.

Deci loved getting to decorate the tree...and Journey is loving pulling off all the ornaments. I have a feeling before Christmas the bottom of the tree may be bare...

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brittany mccullars said...

You were right, Audrey! :)