Friday, December 30, 2011

I need a break

What? I need a break? Didn't I just come back from vacation?? YES I did and let me tell you that I need another break. The weather has been yucky the past few days...WHAT? It's December in Oregon and the weather is yucky! Ha! (Did you know that it rains from October until June here?) It's actually not been that bad here this winter so far but this past week it's been bad.  Here's what we've been doing lately:
When it gets this cold and rainy I don't leave the house. Am I the only mom that HATES going grocery shopping? (unless you are alone and then it's only slightly less painful.) 1/2 the battle is getting both kids dressed and with shoes on then into the car....the other 1/2 is trying to keep the 1-year-old from screaming and the 4-year-old from going home with a stranger. Seriously, she disappears faster than any kid I know....and I'm a little paranoid...

So last night my lovely husband let me go to the local craft store for 30minutes to buy yarn. Then he cooked supper! Steak and Veggies! Yeah, I'll keep him. The thing you may not realize is that when we lived in Alabama it was so much easier to get a break.  Once a week, at least, Q's mom would come over and get the girls and take them for a few hours. I could always call my mom to meet me at Wal-mart so she could help with Deci while I grocery shopped. I was SPOILED! Q and I could go on as many dates as we wanted because we had so many grandparents to keep the kids.  It was so nice and we are so thankful for that time.  Here in Oregon things are so different. I'm learning to appreciate the little things...and the little breaks...even if it's 30 minutes in a craft store.

I wanted to share this photo with you. We've played dress up this week. Deci was "Super Power Wand Girl"
She had me dressed in a Batman mask and cape and I was "Super Batman Girl". I know you're dying for a picture but it didn't happen. ;)

I love these girls!
I love them so much that I need a break! So thankful that my mom is coming up Jan 9th and staying for 3 WEEKS! Yes you heard that right 3 WEEKS! Q and I are already planning our date nights, over night getaways, thrift store shopping, ministry opportunities, and sleeping in...but Shhh! Don't tell her or she may not come.

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Kerrie said...

all this post needs is that super batman girl picture ;)