Thursday, December 29, 2011

Losing weight

I'm obsessed with The Biggest Loser T.V. show...I'm currently wasting my time away re-watching all of the seasons on netflix now. I'm at the end of season 4 now.  I love the finale....I love seeing the changes these people have made in their lives. I've always been a softy for makeover stories so I thought I would share with you a little about my weight loss story.  When I got pregnant with Journey I think I weighed 145ish... I gained about 40ish pounds when I was pregnant so I ended up being around 185 or so... This picture was the day Journey was born, August 31, 2010:
(I've stolen all these pictures off of Kerrie's Face Book page) I Hate this picture of myself but it gives you a good idea of how big I was then. (and it's such a cute picture of Deci.) 

These next few pictures are from our move out to Oregon. January 2011. We were in San Francisco, CA at the time. I believe I weighed 151. A week before we left I was still in maternity pants.
We started Weight Watchers a few months after this and I lost around 10 pounds after a few months. I stayed around 140-144 for a while and just a few months ago Q and I decided to start Weight Watchers back up.  This morning I got on the scale and weighed the lowest I've weighed since we've been in Oregon.  135.6! I've lost 16 pounds since I've been in Oregon! Here's a recent picture...I don't have a full body shot but I believe you can tell from my face.
I'm pretty proud of myself.  I know it's only 16(ish) pounds and I realize that most of the weight was because I had a baby but that baby is  16 months old now! It's extremely hard to lose weight. I'm extremely proud of Q also. Over the past few years he has lost somewhere around 70 or 80 pounds! 
Now, If I could just get someone to give me a makeover! :)

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