Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm gettin in on this

So my amazing wife decided to open us up a blog page. I don't know if she realizes the beast she is releasing. I love writing, but also write about the most spontaneous stuff. So we should be a good and entertaining mix. I'm actually gearing up to take two trips almost back to back. First youth camp, home a day, and then off to Mexico. I'm looking forward to what all God is going to do there, but I'm also a little nervous about being away from the fam for so long. I'm really enjoying our family. We are beginning to hit our stride with Deci. Tonight me and Audge were sitting watching tv and Dec would sit with us and just have little mini conversations. It was very cute. Also, I'm really going to miss Audge. She is the balancing factor in my life and we have really had a ton of fun lately. Today she kept one of her friends two girls and when I came home I thought so this could be us one day. A house full of kids. And I didn't get notious or anything. In fact, I got a little excited. I think it will be fun to see our family grow and change.

I realized somehting yesterday. Not all people have seen the move The Never Ending Story. That is a shame. I think we should all do the service to promote and lend this movie to all who have had their existence lessened by the absence of this movie. Atrayu is a beast.

Pray for me and the traveling. I'm speaking at youth camp and really want to have a positive influence on the students. I want God to really speak through me during next week. Just pray that I would continue to hear from my great teacher.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Welcome to the blog world, Q...and I wish I were going to Mexico with you! I was thinking about one of the kids tonight, actually....wondering where they are now and what God has done since I was there. I'll be praying for your trip(s).