Sunday, June 28, 2009

God bless nursery workers!

So, we are "potty training" Deci...kind of...I'm not making it a big deal. I'm letting Deci take control for now and trying not to stress about it. Ok, so this is a big deal for me! So when I dropped Deci off in the Nursery at Church this morning I didn't mention it to Mrs. Judy. Deci had a pull up on so she was good to go. When I picked up Deci, Mrs. Judy told me that Deci started yelling "I-na Tee Tee, I-na Tee Tee!" Mrs. Judy was all by her self this morning. It was the early service and usually there aren't a lot of kids. Today there were 5 or 6. Sweet Mrs. Judy couldn't leave the kids alone so she lugged all 5 (or 6) of them down the hall to the bathroom. I'm sure that was quite a sight! Thanks to Mrs. Judy, Deci was nice and dry when I picked her up!

One time I picked Deci up from the Nursery and she had red kool-aide in her sippy cup...she was under one..I think. Anyways, if you know me I'm a "No sugar notzi" with Deci. (or I use to be...I've slacked off a bit). One Nursery worker buys Deci special snacks that doesn't have any sugar in them. I couldn't ask for better Nursery workers than we have! Thanks!!!!

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Wade and Ker said...

wow. that IS a good nursery worker! I miss Deci already from last night! you guys should come over for dinner EVERY week :)