Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Day Q!!

Quinton turned 29 today. I use to think that 29 was old! ha! ha! ha! Oh how young we are! I still feel so young anyways! Here are a few pictures I found of Q when he was younger.
Happy Birthday Q!
Quinton and Wade. Check out those Nike shoes! So in style!

Deci holding a picture of Quinton when he was little. They look just alike!


Matt said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is awesome!!! that is the best picture ever and is totally priceless. Deci and Q are just great is our God!!!
jennifer brooks

Kaydee said...

I am so lovin' this picture of Deci holding the picture of Quinton. It's just so adorable. Great capture! Great Idea!

Audrey said...

Thanks Guys! Jennifer if our God was so Great she would look more like me! Ha ha! :) Just kidding, I hope I have 3 more that look just like her! :)