Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Breakfast Nook

As I sat at my usual seat at our Kitchen table this morning eating breakfast. Quinton was fast asleep in bed. (And kyle was fast asleep too. My brother is staying in our guest room right now.) I sat in peace. My wonderful mother-in-law kept Deci for us last night. I had my back to the dirty living room with towels piled in one chair, clothes in the other chair, toys EVERYWHERE... But what I was looking at is my favorite corner in our house. It is the one corner that I've put time into decorating. See, I love my Tall table that I got from K-mart right after me and Q got married. I love the cheap light that I bought at Lowe's because it was the only one we could afford. I love when the blinds to the windows in this corner are open like they were this morning so that I can see the big oak tree in the back yard with Deci's swing hanging. This is where I sit every morning to eat breakfast nook. Most mornings I look to my left to see my little girl in her high chair eating with me. We eat breakfast together every morning. This morning I was all alone and it was very peaceful.

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