Thursday, July 23, 2009

Airport parking Deck!

Today I took Kerrie to the airport. My father-in-law was coming back in at the same airport on the same day so my dad drove his car to leave it at the airport. First of all, I don't know if you have ever been into the long term parking deck at the airport but I don't advise it. It's HUGE! We drove around it circles and decided to leave and pay our dollar then go up to the "hourly" deck. We found a parking spot very easily. When we stopped I jumped out to mark exactly where we left my father-in-laws car so I could text him. I jumped back into my car along with my dad, and my cousin Leslie. (Deci was at this point screaming in her car seat)

So, we are on our way out of the parking deck, winding down from the third floor. When we reach the exit gate I realize that I don't have my ticket to exit the parking deck. It cost $24 if you lose your ticket! I ask the lady if I can drive back up to where we parked the first time and see if it fell out when I jumped out. The lady said "Sure, just back up. You can't leave without a ticket." I asked twice "So, I can just turn around and drive back up?" "Yes, Yes." was her reply. So off we go back up the exact exit we came out just to be sure we would get back up to the exact spot we stopped to let Kerrie out. On the way up we realize we have made a big mistake and we CAN'T go up the exit ramp because it is ONE WAY! As a car was coming down I had to hurry and make a 3 point turn. Let me remind you Deci was still screaming in the back seat and Leslie has to go to the bathroom really bad!

We finally decide just to park at the bottom and walk up. Me, Deci and my Dad (Leslie really had to pee so she made her way to the airport) walked back up the winding ramp to the third level, across the parking deck to section C. Searching the ground as we got closer hoping that we would see the parking ticket. Right as we arrive I put my hands in my pocket and guess what I found???? The TICKET!!!! Yes, right in my pocket the whole time! By now Dad had to go to the restroom so we took a visit inside the airport then walked back to the car parked at the bottom of the parking deck. When I drove back through the exit gates (for the third time) and gave the same lady my ticket and money she said "we appreciate your business!" hahahaha! I don't even have enough in me to share the story of getting back on the interstate! Lets just say that I tried it once before I got out and let my dad drive! He just says it's the Evans coming out in me! :)


Staci said...

Oh no! I'm sure I would do the same thing though. There's something about kids screaming that make you forget just about everything else!

Audrey said...

Ha ha! So Ture!!

Audrey said...

I meant *True :)