Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation at the Beach!

I realize I haven't blogged in a while and I realize that it's turning into a once a week/picture of the week blog which I didn't intend for it to be BUT this week my blog was so far from my mind and it was nice. I do love blogging or I wouldn't blog but this week we were on Vacation at Perdido Key and it was very relaxing. We went with some of our friends. Well, actually a lot of our friends... 22 of us exactly and one in the oven! Here are some pictures from the week at the beach!

Me and My sister-in-law Kerrie. You can see Deci's head at the bottom of this picture because she wouldn't let go. She was trying to pull us apart. I guess she wanted to be in the picture too. Kerrie's Blog is
Kerrie and Deci

Allison and Adam Ragsdale


The Brown Family

The Stewart's. Jessica (Pregnant with Andeigh Grey), AnaRuth, and Kevin

Deci was not all about taking this picture.

This is one of the nights that we cooked. This was close to the end of the week and I was sick of seafood so I ordered Taco Pizza!

Kiss Kiss

Our View of the Bay from our Condo

Relaxing on the Beach!

Clapping for the Tigers at the Zoo!

Brylee and Deci

Kevin with all the girls from our room.

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