Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interesting normal day

So I got up yesterday morning, grabbed a shower (shower #1), and headed out to meet Duke Spain. We loaded coke cases for the Recovery on the Mountian event coming up (you all should come). Now when I say loaded cases of coke many of you are thinking, huh, nothing to that. Let me rephrase it to pallets of coke. After about a hour and a half of loading and a gallon and a half of sweating, I headed back to the church. I should mention at this point that there was a small ache in the small of my back and my biceps were being stabbed by invisible knives. I know. The question becomes, "Quinton, how do you know it was knives if they were invisible?" Trust me I know.

Upon returning to the church and handling a handful of craziness, in which handling meant passing off to Kyle and Seth, I went to meet Jeff at the gym. He has something he wanted me to pass on to someone else. Alterior motive: Matt is on vacation and I need someone to talk to while I workout. I worked out with him and Teresa for about thirty minutes before heading to Subway to meet with Thomas. Things to note as I left; I was stronger than Jeff (booyah), my back still hurt, my bicepst were still getting disceted, my shoulders now hurt so bad i actually grunted as I turned the steering wheel, and lost another gallon of sweat. Lunch with Thomas Snellings was great as always. He is a definant positive influence in my life. He is one on the most Christ like men I know.

I left there and headed home to see the fam. Audrey, Deci, and I sat around the table and talked for awhile. I do a horrible job of enjoying simple moments like that, but yesterday it was really nice just to sit and talk. My wife is so incredible. I just felt very loved in that moment and very comfortable. After spending some time with the girls I grabbed a shower (shower #2). I hung out a little more and went to meet one of my discipleship partners Dusty at the gym. Awesome time for about 30 minutes. Our investment in each other is really begining to bare fruit. I love watching guys grow in Christ. Luckily for me, Dusty was working out shoulders. So instead of another muscle group hurting me I just lost all feeling in my shoulders for the remainder of the day. By the way, was not as strong as Dusty yesterday.

Headed home where Audge fixed me chicken spaghetti. I love that stuff. She just started cooking it lately and I can't get enough. We ate as a family and afterward I jumped in the shower (shower #3). Headed to Lifepoint Youth Service. Great night. We got introduced to our small group that we are working with this summer and I was super excited about the students me and Audge will get to hang out with all summer. There is somthing really special about seeing students start to get it and begin to really follow hard after Christ. Night ended with a group of munchkins (our name for short over caffenated junior high guys) through a rock at the front door of the church. I scared them, corrected them, and challenged them though I'm not sure any of it took. Headed to Sonic for the free rootbeer floats and headed to the house.

It was really a normal day, but all the relational stuff taking place made it something more. I think when we really begin to focus on other people around us and enjoying them then normal becomes something more. Jesus loved walking with people on a daily basis. He loved their dreams, their jokes, and even their mistakes. He loved them completely. I hope I never get to busy to love the people I'm walking with. Hope to walk with you soon.

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