Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random thoughts

First... I have to tell you a story. My car got sick and had to get a new engine. We were soooo blessed to have some guys help us out but when we got the jeep back it wasn't completely fixed. I was driving out to pick up pizza for some friends that were coming over and the car started making funny sounds. I had no idea what to do so I had to pull over and called Q. Q was at home with Deci and I had our only car seat. (we are slowly finding out that it might be a good idea to invest in another one) He called our Alder Springs neighbor Brooke to come over and watch Deci. She's never had to keep Deci before but she is college age and we trust her. As far as I know, when she got here Q ran out the door to meet me and gave her little to no instructions. Q arrived to meet me and we just took my jeep to the place that "fixed" it the first time to leave it for the next day. On the way back home we got a phone call from Brooke. It went something like this. Brooke: "Hey, Audrey, Deci just Peed in her little potty. What do I do now?" Audrey: "What??" Brooke repeats herself. Audrey: (Busting out laughing) "Are you serious???" Brooke: (As calm as can be) "um...yeah." Like, no big deal, that's what she does right! Deci hasn't peed in her potty in the 3 days before that! I've decided Brooke is a Great babysitter. If you ever need one I would recommend her! Way to go Brooke! Thank you so much for helping us out!!!!!

Second...I'm really embracing the reality of being a mom. Today I teared up while listening to country songs on the radio about parenting...3 of them. One of them was "Your gonna miss this." Which I doubt entirely that I will miss this lack of sleep phase!

Last...I wish you could have been a fly on the wall at my Dad's house today watching me, Deci, Paw-Paw Bo, Debbie and Missy play "Ring around the Rosie". I wish Deci would have left just one of us out so we could have snapped a picture. One day I'll post a blog called "Ring around the Rosie with Deci" and post pictures. This is one of her favorite things to do right now. If you have played this game with her consider yourself Special! :)

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