Friday, January 27, 2012

A week review, in pictures

We, well actually Breanna, found this backpack/carrier at GoodWill for $14.99. I've been looking for one to carry Journey so that we can take the kids hiking with us. It reminds me of the one we had growing up. I don't remember sitting in it but I remember Kyle, my younger brother, riding in it a lot.  Journey didn't care for it much.

Our friends, Josh and Marcie, got this dress from Mexico for Deci when she was little. While watching the movie "We Bought a Zoo" I saw the little girl wearing a dress similar to this but in yellow.

This is Deci's "Pippi Longstocking outfit" that she picked out to wear to school yesterday.

Mom and I took the girls to the park. One of the good things about having mom around is that I"M IN PICTURES!! :) haha! If you're a mom you know what I mean! I end up taking all the pictures and look back and wonder if I even went on vacation! ha!


Kerrie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Deci has the BEST style

Q said...

Yaay. We can go hiking now with the fam.