Monday, January 23, 2012

Marriage Letters: Q and A

One of my favorite blogs is The Run a Muck. Her name is Amber. Erin, her sister, and I were college roommates for one semester at The University of North Alabama. Amber and her husband Seth have started writing Marriage letters on Mondays and encouraging others to do the same.  I LOVE the idea. So today, since it's Monday, I thought I would join.

          Wow, where do I start...  maybe just saying that I love you.  I really do. What a wild a crazy (almost) 15 years we've been together. I can't believe I met you at 15.  I remember holding your hand while we were having "prayer around the poll" and thinking that I wanted to marry a man like you. I actually wrote it in my journal. I don't think that at 15 I really knew that I wanted to marry you. I know that because we started dating when we were both very immature we had a rocky start but it makes our story and I love that.  I love that you chose me. I love that through our hard times we learned what true love really is. I love that I can trust you 100%. You provide me and our family security. I know our relationship isn't perfect but I do know that our love is real. You are my best friend. I can tell you anything. I'm quirky most days and sometimes I get tired of being around people but you are my constant. I can't be around you enough. Yeah, you get on my nerves sometimes but I still want you near.  Oh and I do need breaks from you occasionally but I always am excited about getting back to you.  I love the father you are to our two girls. I love that you like taking them to work with you and on daddy/daughter dates. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for constant love even when I'm not so lovable. Thanks for listening to God and leading our family where He has called us. That is the man I fell in love with and the man I'm still in love with today. The man that follows God's voice.


Kerrie said...

i LOVE this idea! Maybe I'll join in next monday

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

O my goodness!!!! I can't believe it. It's amazing to see you and read you here.

I love that you did this with me, too. I think when we write the things that are true about our lives, then we can always go back to them to anchor us when Life happens and things get hard.

So good to see you online!

Anonymous said...

Audrey, this is so great! Love you and miss your face :)

Audrey said...

Kerrie, you should join! This post is right up your alley!
Amber, Thanks for stopping by to comment! I know your one busy mama!
And Erin, I love you and I MISS YOU too!!! :)