Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Aimee

Above is a picture of Aimee and her family.  I met Aimee at my church home in Alabama.  I don't remember exactly when I met her but I know that I've laughed more since I've met this lady.  She is seriously one of the funniest people I know...especially on Facebook.  Her status updates crack me up.  I think it's because they are usually about her kids and her youngest daughter reminds me of my oldest.  They both can get into trouble faster than any kid I know. :) Aimee loves the Lord. Below is Aimee's story, in her own words, about her upcoming trip to Africa.

"Let's see here. Why do I want to go to Rwanda? Well, I have always had a heart for Africa even before I came to Christ. When Chrystal went back in June my heart ached because I knew that was where I needed to be but didn't have the knowledge of the trip or the resources to make it happen even if I had. I knew the morning that we dropped her off at the airport that this year when she went, I would be with her. I have such a strong calling on my life to teach (which is why I am in school to be a teacher) and that is exactly what Land of a Thousand Hills is all about. They choose not to do things for people but to teach them to do it on their own. Kinda like you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or you can teach him to fish and feed him for life.
When I decided that it was meant for me to go to Africa I didn't care what it cost to get me there because I knew that God would provide if I were truly meant to go. The money has been coming in a little at a time thanks to some very generous and crafty people such as Audrey and Jessica Stewart. My mom was helping me make dresses to sell to come up with some of the money but then she passed away in November and I have no idea how to use her sewing machine. After she passed I almost didn't want to go anymore but then someone told me how proud she was of me answering the call from God and choosing to go on this trip and I knew that I had to go.
As of right now, I am still looking to raise another $2500. This will cover the cost of my trip minus the plane ticket, my vaccinations and money to leave my husband to pay bills. I don't get vacation time at work so I will have to miss work for 2 weeks to go. Any financial support would be greatly appreciated but even more than money, I need about 2500 prayers! I know without a doubt that this trip is was God has called me to do and I wont settle for less than He asked for. As I grow my relationship with Christ I find myself more excited about how this trip will change my life and the lives of my whole family. I am so excited for my children to see what it means to follow God and to go and make disciples as He has called us to do."

13 years ago I got the chance to go to Africa on a mission trip.  Yes, my parents were brave enough to let me go to Africa at 16! (Again, so thankful to have supportive parents!) From then until now (and probably forever) I hold Africa in a special place in my heart and I am always so eager to help those that want to go to Africa.  I was so blessed to have people to help support me financially.   If you would like to help support Aimee and her trip to Africa you can email me at awilliams@discoverlifepoint.com to get an address to send money or you can help by buying something that I knit. 100% of the money I get from the things I'm knitting right now go to Aimee's trip to Africa. You can comment on here about something your interested in or send me an email.  
Here are a few pictures of things that I can knit:
Ear warmers $7 (I'm not sure why this picture is blurry but  maybe you can see enough)

head bands $5
Bracelet/Cuffs $4

Thicker ear warmer $6

Example of an ear warmer on.

Another example from a different view.

2 Ear warmers, scarf ($15), and headband...just to show you different designs and colors.

The yarn I have now.
If you have a specific color in mind let me know.