Monday, January 30, 2012

Marriage Letters: let's just be honest

Join me along with my Husband Q, and Amber @The Run a Muck, as we work hard to preserve marriage by writing marriage letters. There may be only a handful of us doing it, but if you’ve written a letter or a post for your spouse, link up on The Run a Muck and leave me a comment here.  I would love to hear your story.
   Let's just be honest, life is hard sometimes. You know me, and know that I paint the picture like it really is...I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is not always a good thing. I know I'm hard to love sometimes. I'm extremely selfish, and I know in a relationship I need to put you first. I find this a battle within, like Saturday when I turned down the radio when you were "singing"...even though I swear I didn't hear you. I just hated the song you so happened to love.  Sometimes we are polar opposites.  Sometimes we fight...argue... bicker.. have disagreements in front of other people because I can't hold my tongue and you love a good debate. ;)  I need to work on that...

Me pregnant with baby #2 :)
  Let's be honest, everyone said that marriage was hard. We got married and thought "wow, this is easy." I think it's about expectations.  We expected it to be harder. Maybe it was that we dated 7 years...or was it 8...I lost count.  Dating was what was so hard.  It isn't always easy now but we make it work.

  On the other hand, it seems that I kept hearing people talk about the joys of parenthood. Parenthood is H-A-R-D!  I will never forget those first few weeks/months after having Deci.  I'm not sure how much of it was us not knowing what we were doing or having a colicky/acid reflux/strong-willed baby... but we made it! We even had child number 2!  Let's be honest, having kids is a roller coaster ride, some days we want to get off and some days we can't get enough.  It's challenging and rewarding.  My favorite thing is Saturday mornings when you don't have to work and we all end up in our bed early in the morning. (Except this past Saturday when clearly we needed more sleep.  Why didn't the girls get the memo?)

   We are making it babe, living life 2,000+ miles away from Sweet Home Alabama....away from life as we knew it....away from friends and family....  We knew this would be hard and it is, but I am SO glad that I'm here with you!


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Kerrie said...

I love these letters! And I love how honest you always are Audrey :) Its one of my favorite things about you.