Monday, January 23, 2012

Date Day

Since my mom has been in town, Q and I took a whole day to go on a date. We started the day by touring a church then we went to lunch at Agate Alley Bistro which was so YUMMY! Then we went to eat frozen yogurt. Next we went to the movies to watch "We Bought a Zoo." Which was so good! One of my favorite movies I've seen in a while.  It has just encouraged me and Q both to make sure we are having adventures with our family.  We decided we needed a little adventure of our own that day so went out in the rain and mud and "hiked" Skinners Butte. I say hike but it wasn't much of a hike... but what is considered a hike after all?? A walk in the woods? well, we did that. Is there a number of miles you must go? Well, we didn't go far and it didn't feel much like a hike but we were in the woods. We went a little overboard on our date but we had to take advantage while we had someone that wouldn't care to keep the kids all day. It's been nice having my mom here to help with the girls. Especially so Q and I can go out.  We have people here that help us with the girls but it feels less like a sacrifice when it's the grandparents keeping them.  Here are a few pictures of our "adventure".

Skinner's Butte

Eugene, Oregon

U of O Autzen Stadium


Kerrie said...

That place looks awesome. I love how you're all bundled up and Q is in a polo. hah. I don't say it enough - Audrey you are so pretty!

Audrey said...

Kerrie, I love you! I love that you comment on my post and I love that you tell me I'm pretty when I feel yucky! Seriously didn't want to post the pic of me and Q because I look "ugly" but hey, those pics are few and far between. ;) Thanks!