Tuesday, August 18, 2009

80 years and counting!

This is My Grandad. The older grandchildren call him Gamdad but the younger ones call him Daddy Jack. Daddy Jack turned 80 today. I believe he will live to see 100.

Every time I visit Daddy Jack he always has a story to tell. Usually I have already heard the story but today was a new story and It was a special one.

We were talking about how smart kids are. He said that he remembered when he was 5 years old and his grandfather was dieing of pneumonia. Back then there were no antibiotics to cure pneumonia and most people died if they got it. He said that His mom told him to take a bath and get ready to go see his grandad. His grandad lived in Gadsden. He told his mom that they needed to pray for his grandad (her dad). She hesitated but then decided to pray. Daddy Jack started tearing up at this part of the story. When they got to Gadsden the family game running out telling them that he was doing better and about a hour before he made a turn for the better. Daddy Jack said that he lived 4 or 5 years longer. Daddy Jack said that not then, but later he realized how important that was and how prayer really works. You have to pray believing. I am a huge fan of prayer. I have seen God answer so many things I have prayed for. This is now one of my favorite story from Daddy Jack.

Oh, and another thing, when I was leaving he asked me if I noticed his soccer field in his back yard. My first thought was that he sold the land. He said that the neighbors asked if they could play soccer there and he didn't mind. They have chalked off a huge rectangle and put up goal post. A lot of his neighbors are Hispanic. There are not many people his age that are not raciest. He's doing ministry right in his back yard! I love it! He says some days there are 15 cars parked and tons of people out playing soccer in his backyard.

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aferna said...

We have noticed that Mr. Jack has a backyard full most afternoons. I think it is so cool that he is allowing them to play there. What a great way "to love thy neighbor."
Mama Carol