Monday, August 3, 2009

Todays the day....I think.

I am officially a stay at home mom again. For the past 5 or 6 months I have been working at a nursery at a local Gym. My last day was last week. Since I'll be home all week it has inspired me to get some things done. Here is the first... I woke up this morning and decided that today is the day that I take my 21 month old daughters Pacifier away. Yes, some of you might say that she's a little old to have a paci and some might say to let her keep it longer but I refuse to have a 3 year old with a paci in her mouth. In my defense she only wants it at nap time and night time. It's turned into a security blanket for her. She sleeps with 3. She holds two of them in her hand. She still occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night screaming because she can't find one. She really doesn't have any other security item. I've been trying to get her to get attached to a stuffed animal to sleep with but it's not working. I've been thinking over the past month about creative ways to let her "give" it away. Like one of my friends had her daughter throw her paci into the river for the ducks. It worked perfectly. So, unless I come up with something in the 24 hours I'm just going to cut the tips off of the paci. That way she can still hold onto it if she wants and maybe she will not get the satisfaction she wants out of it if it's "broken" and decide to throw it away herself??!!! Maybe? Well, wish me luck and say a prayer. If I look sleepy the next few days it's probably because I'll be up with a screaming toddler all night trying to figure out why her paci's are broken. Now, I must try to find all of them.


Ladners'Latest said...

Good luck! My neighbor's told their daughter that her paci went to Alabama with Andrew when we came home in Feb. It worked for her. lol

Audrey said...

That's Cute!! Well, It hasn't been as bad as I thought but It did take her 2 hours to take a nap today! she hasn't asked for it once but she can't sooth herself to sleep! It's pitiful!

Ladners'Latest said...

Well at least she hasn't asked for it! Andrew has a terrible habit that I'm trying to break: going to bed with a sippy cup of milk! (eek)