Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Reed Reunion

This is where we have had the Reed Reunion for the past few years. This is my mom's grandparents (Who are no longer living) and all their kids, grand kids, great grand kids, great great grand kids... maybe it stops there. I have to be honest and say that I didn't know who a few of them were. I was named after my great grandmother Myrtle Audrey Reed. I'm just glad I didn't get her first name. I don't remember her if I ever got to meet her I'm not sure. I do remember my Great Grandaddy Reed. I remember he was a tall skinny guy that didn't say a lot. I always looked forward to the reunions at his house when I was little because all of us great grand kids would sneak up to the upstairs bedroom where the "ghost" were. Someone use to tell us that there were ghost upstairs. Probably so that we wouldn't go up there. It wasn't really safe. The house was really, really old. Up until a few years ago it was still sitting in it's original spot on HWY 75 until they started all the construction to make the road 4 lanes. Then the house got cleaned out and moved back. My parents got married right across from their house and Quinton and I got married behind the house next to the Reed house. I have a lot of good memories of the Reed reunions. Here are some pictures from this year.

The crowd.

I love this barn. I'm sure it would make great pictures for some "professional" photographer.

Deci and my brother Lee trying to hula-hoop!

Ha Ha! This was so funny watching him try! Even though this picture looks like he got it he never did!

I found this dress at a yard sale by the way. I love good buys!

They do this every year! Pinata!

Go Evan Go! :)

Deci and her uncle Lee!

She got the one piece of candy her Momma will let her eat! :)

This is my "cousin" Capper. (Mary Kathryn) I say "cousin" because It's really more like 1st cousin twice removed or something like that! ha ha! I'll just call her my cousin. It's easier.

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