Sunday, August 9, 2009

Curl up and dye or Curl up and cuddle!

My brother Kyle needed a hair cut so he asked Holleigh to cut it for him. Holleigh asked for mine and Brittany's help. I really didn't help much but if you ask some people I am the reason that Kyle has a big gap in his hair. I found the inserts to the clippers that said "right ear, Left ear". Sounds like it should be used around the ears to me! This hair cut took about an hour! This is in my laundry room. I'm letting my blogger world in on my dirty house. Holleigh said that we could start cutting hair for a living and call our place "Curl up and Dye". Just come on in the back door! :)

I don't have the finished result but he ended up leaving happy.

Then we walked in the den to find this:

Awww so sweet! Two best friends spending some quality time together!

(Again, I'm letting you see my dirty house!)

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