Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evans Family Reunion at the lake

Warning: You may get picture overload from looking at this post!

My dad and his brother Kenneth

Nash. This is my cousins boy. She has a blog page too.

Corrie and Deci playing Ring-around-the-Rosie (Which I may start calling R-O-R because I speak of it often and it's too long) :)

My Dad's brother Chuck playing R-O-R with Deci.

Nash and Deci swinging.

Missy pushing Will and Rome on the merry-go-round.

Ian showing Deci how to work the dump truck.

Rome and Deci jumping to Paw-Paw Bo.




I had to get Deci and her Bearcoon in a picture. Phillip, Missy's boyfriend, won this stuffed animal in a claw machine and gave it to Deci. She carried it around the whole time. She loved it but we couldn't decide what it was. It looks like a bear from the front to me but it has a long striped tail which looks like a Raccoons tail, so we called it a Bearcoon.

My Uncle Randy playing Washers. When I think of Randy I think of the game washers. He introduced the rest of the family to the game and got everyone addicted. It is now a must at our reunions. He's the best...or at least he thinks so! ha ha!

Missy and Philip

Corrie or "Co Co" as Deci called her because Corrie was too hard to say.

Cade and Lee playing washers.

Debbie feeding Deci home made Ice Cream.

She had more sugar this weekend than she has had in a while.

Q and Kyle

Deci had to join the picture.

Britt, Kyle and Kalyn

Future washer players.

Cade tired of me taking pictures! :)

We were at Guntersville State Park. I love this place!

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