Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday's List: Alabama/Oregon (Part 2)

It's Wednesday!  That means it's time for Wednesday's List. Join me and write a post in list form, then leave a comment and let me know you are joining me so I (along with others) can check your list out! I LOVE LIST!

The Difference Between Alabama and Oregon: (Part 2) 
- In Oregon you don't pay Sales Tax! If it says 4.99, you pay 4.99. In Alabama I think Sales Tax is 8%.

-Thrift Stores are EVERYWHERE here in Oregon.  I counted as many as I knew of around where we live and I counted 14... and I'm sure I'm missing some.  Some of these thrift stores are HUGE.  I find almost all of our clothes at thrift stores now. 

- Did you know that it's only a Southern thing to pull over for a funeral procession??  I don't believe I've seen a funeral procession since I've been here in OR but from what I've heard, people don't pull over for them.

-You hear people say that in the South women have BIG hair and wear lots of make up.  Well, the big hair is true for some but not always as bad as they can make it out to be in the movies.  Women in Alabama wear more makeup than in Oregon for sure.  Oregon is all natural.

- Some Oregonians are against Wal-Mart.  They would rather support local business which is great.  Where our friends Neal and April live in Albany they are just now building a Wal-mart there.  If they want to go to Wal-mart they have to drive 25/30 minutes.  Albany is a decent size has an old Navy...but no Wal-mart.  I think every city in Alabama has one.

- You will ALWAYS see people riding bikes or running here.  I'm sure this one might be more of a big city/small town thing.  I lived in a smaller town in Alabama and now live in some what of a bigger city here in Oregon.  Oregon makes it really easy to ride bikes and walk.  There are bike trails everywhere and sidewalks everywhere.  There are also bike lanes on the road.  One place in town has a double bike lane.  One side of the road is for one-way traffic.  The other side of the road is a 2-lane bike lane.

- We've met several families that only have one car.  It's not the poor people either.  It's nice middle class families that have chosen 1 car.  I'm sure if someone would give them a car they would take it but they don't "need" it.  They can ride their bikes to work or take public transportation which is everywhere here. (another big city thing I believe)

- Weather. (Yes, I'm bringing it up again! ha!)  I take Deci to a public school for a speech class twice a week. I take her mid mourning when the normal school hours are going on and there are almost always kids outside playing for P.E. (Recess).  One day it was 38 degrees, sleeting and the kids where out playing, just as happy as could be.  Yesterday it was raining (sprinkling) and maybe in the 40's and kid were out playing.  I think 38 just feels warmer here...honestly.  But in AL you probably wouldn't see the P.E. class outside when it's 38 degrees....or even in the 40s. The weather just doesn't stop people here.  AND you will rarely see people here carrying an umbrella. 

- People are more direct here.  They tell you what they think when they think it...they aren't being rude (well, most of them) they just tell you straight.  I'm still having to get use to this.  The first month here I almost cried at the post office because a lady was so direct... I loved her after this...I just had to realize she wasn't being mean.  She just said what she needed to.  It seems in the South, people sugar coat using words like sweetie or hunny... Haha, that just sounded like everyone in the South uses words like "sweetie and hunny"...I just mean that people in the South find the nicest way possible to say things without hurting someones feelings. I wish I could give you all an example of this difference.

- People in the South say "Y'all" and I hardly ever hear it here.

*That's it for now...I'm sure I can find more.  Please don't think I'm making fun on either state.  I love you both.  (there, that's the Southern coming out in me! ha! Gotta keep people happy!) ;)

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