Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Friday! A Week Review in Pictures

I forgot last week's picture review on Friday.  Let me just say it's been a crazy 2 weeks.  We are finally getting settled into the house.  We still don't have any pictures on the walls but I promise a post soon with some pictures of the inside of the house.
Today I'm going to introduce you to my sister-in-laws blog over at The Williams Post!
Her blog is one of my favorites to read...not just because she's family either. :)

Deci copied the picture on the left (above) and drew the picture on the right.  I was pretty impressed.
I found this potato soup recipe HERE and it was AMAZING.  I just substituted low-fat or fat-free ingredients when I could.
 Pictured above is what we had to eat Monday night.  Every Monday we have friends over to eat.  Q picks a topic each week (this past week it was breakfast foods) and everyone brings something creative to share.  Q gave a "reward" to the most creative.  The food was AMAZING!  This coming Monday it's Asian week.  I'm making weight watchers lettuce wraps! YUM!
 Journey's book finally came in that Kerrie and Wade got her.  I love it!
 We had visitors over the weekend! Q's dad and his wife came up to visit.  Notice how the girls are cooperating! ha!
 I'm trying to do more creative and educational stuff with the girls during the day and that's what this picture above is about.  I made Memory cards with Alphabets.  Deci knows most of her letters but she still needs help with some so I thought this would be a fun way to learn.  Next I'm going to make the upper case letter on one card and she has to find the lower case because she still gets confused with the difference.
 Deci had a REALLY long spring 3 weeks LONG! BUT she started back this week and of course she's back to picking out her own clothes to wear. :)
These girls got a cold last week also and laid around the house a few days...but they seem to be getting better now.

This week, since Rick and Hilde came to visit, I'll leave you with a post from the past about them. 
Happy Friday everyone!! Have a GREAT weekend!!

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