Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I wanted to share a few pictures of whats been going on lately around here with our Oregon Family.  We meet every Monday to eat, hang out and celebrate Birthdays!  This past  month we had a lot!

 On Sundays, we meet in a basement of a church down town.  We are starting an outreach post there for our group to do "outreach" in the community...  It's called the Beautiful MessWe will be going out in the town looking for ways to serve the neighborhood.  So this past Sunday we started painting the basement we'll be meeting in.
This past Monday we met at McMenimens for Breanna's Surprise birthday party!  The singer, Shawn McDonald just so happened to show up....I just happen to take this picture before he got there.
If you haven't been to my husband's blog recently you really should go NOW.  He's doing this really cool thing where he is trying to get $3,000 to help a man get surgery to get his vision back. Last time I checked he is only about $900 short!  How awesome is that??  Go check it out now! www.qcrashing.blogspot.com

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