Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Friday! A Week Review In Pictures

I'll start this post off by telling you that I've met an AMAZING friend this week.
Her name is Kylee....which confuses me every time I say it because it's like meshing my 2 brothers names together... Kyle and Lee...but not really... but I keep wanting to say it that way. I'm sure she hates this! ha! :)
ANYWAYS, She really is amazing and I am so glad my friend Holleigh introduced us.
She is originally from Ohio and moved out with her husband this past Summer.
It's nice to have another friend here who understands how hard it can be to live so far away from family.
Go, NOW, and check out her really cute Clutch she just made! (I saw it in person and it really is as cute as it is in the pictures!)
Now, on to my very CRAZY week:
Sunday night we had our very first meeting about the Beautiful Mess in the basement we will be meeting at to do outreach...did that sentence even make since?   This whole Beautiful Mess stuff should have had it's own post but man when do I have the time...something HUGE is going on this week...

 Do you know what happens if you leave a one-year-old alone in a room with baby wipes??
Well, this is what mine does:
 Every. Single. Time. Why do I keep leaving them where she can get them??

 So, This HUGE thing that's been going on this week...and the surprise I talked about last Friday, HERE is that we are MOVING!!  Just to another place in the same just has a back yard, dishwasher, bonus room (for the girls toys and guest to stay), and two bathrooms!!!! Which we don't have ANY of those things in the house we are living in now....well, I mean, we have a bathroom, just not 2. ;) So, this week every day I've been loading up my car with boxes and taking them to the new house.  I'll do a moving post soon and post more pictures.
Box tunnels are the best!
Brooke, Breanna, and Maribel
Look! Our closet is CLEAN!

 Seriously, I LOVE these pictures! I love these girls so much.
 (Don't let all these pictures fool you, they do fight a lot too!)
Yesterday morning we met one of Deci's friends from school at a local indoor gym to play.

Since Brooke is here visiting us in Oregon at the Moment, I'll leave you with a post (click HERE) from the past about the one and only Brooke and I'm thinking maybe I should get her to potty train Journey while she's here. 
And, I'll leave you with this picture.  I've never been a fan of BIG sunglasses but there is just something about Oregon that makes me feel like I can branch out...what do ya think?
Haha! These are Breanna's that she got at Forever 21 for like $2.  I think I need some! Kerrie would be proud!
Wow, That was packed FULL! Happy Friday Everyone!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are progressing with Beutiful Mess. Give the girls a big hug for me. Audge...really...big that a hoodie too? You look like the uni-bomber. HA HA! Love you guys!

kylee D said...

oh my goodness! i love this post. you are such a good blogger. i am so honored that you mentioned me in your blog! and i think we were destined t be friends if your brothers' names combined equals my name. haha! that's awesome. hope to see you guys this weekend!! you are seriously awesome.

Kerrie said...

haha "Kerrie would be proud" well, I am!! haha

Audrey said...

Jason, that's not the first time my hair has been mistaken for a hoodie. Q use to say with my hair short it looks like a helmet. It's Just BIG HAIR! haha! :)