Sunday, March 25, 2012


A few weeks ago I asked Q to go to Wendy's to get us something to eat.  When he left he saw a group of neighborhood kids who had just moved in a house down the road from ours.  So he bought 8 Frosty's for them. (I might add here that he forgot to give them the spoons.  Breanna later wondered why our bag had 8 spoons in it. haha! Whoops!) Q and I left for date night right after this and as we were driving down the street past their house they were waving like crazy at us. :)
A week later I heard someone knock at the door.  It was a young boy from that house bringing us cookies that his Aunt made.  He said it was because "some man bought us frosty's last week." haha!
I loved living in that neighborhood...I LOVE getting to know neighbors.
I have still not met any of our neighbors around our new house but today as I was pulling out of the driveway to go to church the lady that lives beside us was out smiling and waving at us as we pulled away.  Maybe I'll bake her some cookies this week. :)

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kylee D said...

this is so cute. and quinton is so funny! you guys are amazing people.