Friday, March 23, 2012

Where have I been???

Well...MOVING and unpacking and no internet... and it's been over a week since I've blogged! Eeeek! I know, shocking. I have to admit that it's been quite nice.  I love to blog and I feel the need to blog.  I want to post pictures about what we're doing and keep family updated.  I love recording our life on here but If I'm honest, it was a great little break. I actually picked back up the 5th Harry Potter book and read almost a whole chapter without falling asleep! It's nice going without the internet for a little while.
(excuse the pictures that aren't're lucky I've posted pictures at all! ha!)

    We are loving our new house and I can not wait to post pictures but It's so far from being put together.  I still and finding boxes that I need to unpack.  I want to do a post soon of our old house compared to our new house and all the funny things like the fact that we didn't have a backyard...or really not much of a yard at all, so we had our trampoline sitting in our drive way! Yes, you could spot the Alabama rednecks from a mile away!  ha! Now we have a backyard and I LOVE it!

   We've also found a gymnastic place that's close by where I take the girls once a week for open gym.  They are having so much fun and we are getting to meet new friends.  We haven't met our neighbors yet (which I miss our old neighbors terribly!) but we hope to venture out and meet them soon.  Quinton met one of them who is an elderly lady in her 80's once when I wasn't with him.  I told Deci about her and now she is so excited about Granny (Q's grandmother) meeting her when she is here in April so they can be best friends. :)  She said they are both old! haha!

  Ohhh, I have to tell you the funny thing that happened this week:  We got snow! Yep SNOW in March.  Happy Spring! And to make things worse funnier, in Alabama it was 85!
  Well, I just wanted to stop in and say hello...I'm still here!

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Kerrie said...

haha I can't wait for Granny to meet your neighbor either ;) that is too cute.